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Why do I need a Personal Cloud?

There are many reasons to consider Keupy personal cloud storage. If you wish to OWN your data, then you definitely need Keupy. The data you store on Keupy is yours and yours alone. We're not storing it on our servers and, by design, we're not even able to see it. During transfers, your data is encrypted on one end and decrypted on the other, be that Keupy or devices connected to it. Even if it passes through our servers we still cannot see it as only you have the encryption key.

And let’s not forget the price. Keupy is a large cloud storage space at a price that we consider to be worth-while. Check out pricing options

Are there any "surprise" monthly fees?

No, there aren't. You pay for Keupy just once, when you buy it. There are no monthly fees what so ever. And you can take it for granted that there won't be any in the future.

Do I have to pay for firmware updates or new features?

Definitely, No. The purpose of these updates and new features is to improve your experience and, why not, like us, trust us. Because there is no better advertising as the word of a satisfied customer.

Can I connect my Keupy to PC via USB?

Yes, you can. First you make sure Keupy is ON (plugged in to power source). Now you can just connect it to a computer via USB cable. Keupy will appear on your computer as USB drive.

How can I access data on my Keupy if I do not have Internet connection?

Even if you do not have Internet connection, but you are in the same LAN with Keupy, then you can access it as a network drive. Just look over Keupy in your network neighborhood.

Alternatively, you can just connect directly via USB cable. Keupy will appear on your computer as USB drive.

Can anyone else but me access the files I store on my Keupy?

No one ca access your data, but you. Not even we can do this even if we control the infrastructure behind Keupy. That’s because between Keupy device and Keupy apps the data is transmitted in an encrypted manner with a key that is not known to us. So, as long as your data is not voluntary shared by you or you do not give your credentials to anyone, your data is safe.

Can I send you some suggestions?

Of course you can. We’d love to hear what you have to say.

Every time you wish to do it just send us an email to or you can start a discussion with us on

Is this vulnerable to attacks similar to the recent Celebrity Photo Hack?

As far as our tests proved, Keupy is not vulnerable to attacks like this one or to other known types of attacks. We do not state that it is impenetrable. But we pledge to watch over this and constantly test against new threats, fix and update you whenever necessary.

Can I store my public cloud folders (ex. dropbox, google drive, one drive, on Keupy?

Yes, you can. You do not even need any special tool. You can simply use a PC to sync your cloud folder into Keupy folder. Basically you just copy your entire cloud folder into Keupy folder on your PC.

That’s all.

How many accounts can I set-up on my Keupy?

Keupy is a Personal Cloud Storage, so for this product you can set-up only one account. At some point we might come with other flavors of Keupy like Home and Small Business, flavors that will support multiple accounts and groups.

How big is Keupy in terms of pictures, songs or movies that I can store?

Big enough to store whatever you need. Even what you don't need, but can't come to delete. Think of it like this: there's room to store about 1 million photos or vines, about 500Ks of MP3s or a couple of hundreds MKVs.

Can I upload blu-ray movies on my Keupy device?

I guess you mean MKVs kind of files. Yes, of course you can. MKVs and basically any kind of files. Keupy really doesn’t care what you store. Keupy just loooves your data!

If I don’t need Keupy anymore and wish to sell it, how can I make sure everything is erased from it?

You access your Keupy account via web and from there you follow instructions for resetting Keupy to Factory Defaults. Once reset was successful you can pass Keupy to its new owner. The new owner will follow the same instructions as if he would purchase Keupy from us.

Should I buy Keupy now or wait for a future version with more features?

Keupy is constantly updated by us. This refers to everything related to Keupy, from the device you are buying to the infrastructure that makes it run. On your end we constantly update the firmware of Keupy as we are always working on new features or improving or fixing existing ones.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes. Keupy has a 2-years warranty.

Still need help?

Just buzz at and we will help you right away.