It's your Personal cloud

Keupy is your own personal cloud. This means the data you store on Keupy is yours and yours alone. We're not storing it on our servers and, by design, we're not even able to see it. During transfers, your data is encrypted on one end and decrypted on the other, be that Keupy or devices connected to it.

Keupy is your own personal cloud

Large personal cloud storage space for your media
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Dedicated Apps

Rest assured, we know how important smartphones and tablets are in your daily lives. And we know how badly you need large storage spaces for your media - because you just cannot stop taking photos and videos . This is why we made the Keupy app available for your favorite mobile platform.

Sync'em all

With Keupy your data is synchronized over all connected devices. On mobile devices we made sure your data plan won't be charged extra, so by default we transfer only over Wi-Fi.

With Keupy your data is synchronized over all connected devices
Free 2TB cloud storage

2TB Storage

Enough to store whatever you need. Even what you don't need, but can't come to delete. Think of it like this: there's room to store about 1 million photos or vines, about 500Ks of MP3s or a couple of hundreds MKVs.

Feed torrents to cloud


Feed torrents to Keupy from any connected device. It will download them in the background and will notify you when they're finished. Torrent management is available through the Keupy web interface.

Stream music and video from cloud

Streaming Media

Once in the comfort of your home, listen to your music or watch any of your movies, because Keupy streams them all.

Encrypted cloud storage

Encrypted Storage

Keupy stores all your data on an encrypted drive, so if a worst-case-scenario happens and somehow your Keupy gets in the wrong hands, your data is still protected by the strongest encryption available.

USB personal cloud drive

USB Drive

Connect Keupy to you computer via USB cable and it will recognize it as a generic USB drive.

Network drive

Network Drive

Once you connect it to your home network, Keupy sets itself up as a network drive, accessible from any computer or media-player in your home network.

Share cloud files with family

Share Privately with other users

We make it easy to share files or folders with other Keupy users.

Public share for your cloud files

Share publicly via URL

Of course, you can also share files and folders with people who do not use Keupy, by sending them an URL/link.

Share cloud files on social media

Share on Social Media

Share photos or videos stored on Keupy with your Facebook or Twitter friends, using your smartphone or any of the devices connected to Keupy.

Keupy personal cloud storage device